Fedora 21: Postinstall

Un par de días con la leve ansiedad de tener instalado las mejorías casi inperceptibles de Fedora 21. Un poco de tiempo libre en el trabajo basta para respaldar la info que resultó de dos meses de trabajo y proceder a instalar Fedora. Esta vez dándole una oportunidad a KDE, luego de haber leído por […]

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Descargas torrents para Fedora 21

Fedora 21 ya esta disponible y estrenando sitio nuevo:

Es muy emocionante para mí que ya este disponible este lanzamiento ya que es el primer lanzamiento completo al que le doy seguimiento como colaborador, la página nueva esta genial pero creo que es importante aclarar que no solo salieron Fedora Server, Fedora Cloud y Fedora Workstation, todos los demás Spins también están disponibles, otra cosa que no me gusta es que solo ofrecen descargas directas, cuando la mejor forma de bajar Fedora es vía torrents, aquí estan todas la versiones de Fedora disponibles vía torrent:

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I have found my place within Fedora Project

As a Fedora Ambassador I should help people find a place to collaborate with the Fedora Project. I have been around for long time doing different things in Fedora Project. I feel that I have failed myself because I did find my place before. I have been doing for so long events, recruiting collaborators and […]

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FUDCon Managua 2014 Numbers and Lessons

I would like to ponder some questions. To do so, there are some background to cover. You can spare with me in all the details or you can go straight to the bottom. We spent $8,373.38 in air fares for 9 collaborators. Air travel is expensive, and it is more expensive in Latin America. There […]

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El troll

Hoy quiero es escribir algo sobre una persona muy importante y especial no solo para mi si no para Fedora Nicaragua. Esa persona es mi buen amigo Neville Cross, durante varios años se ha esforzado por mantener viva la llama de Fedora en el país y por cuyo esfuerzo se aganado el liderazgo de la […]

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FUDCon Managua 2014 Clousure

Last day of FUDCon I tries to approach as many contributors to ask: What do you think was accomplished in this FUDCon? I used their input as part of the closure speech at the end of the convention. I improvised with a hand write notes. Here you have a more digested summary. The most important […]

FUDCon Managua 2014 The Facts

This is a quantitative summary of the things that happened on FUDCon Managua 2014. So cold data, not so much into feelings and ideas. Four universities other than the venue were visited to promote the event, and also Fedora (UPOLI, RUPAP, UAM and UCA). There was presence in three TV interview at different channels to […]

FUDCon Managua 2014 The rough edges

We have a paradox. We are equally fedora contributors and members of the fedora project but we are not equal. There are two variables that I will like to point, income and confidence. We have successful people very confident and with relative good income on one side and students with no job building their character. […]

FUDCon Managua 2014 The Regrets

I want to apologize to people that I hurt. I was on the edge having to deal with too many things, apparently it was a cutting edge and not in the good sense. First, I want to apologize to a friend who usually bring the fun to the meetings. I was so desperate to get […]

FUDCon Managua 2014 Web Site

I am not sure why am writing this. For once I know that true man do not ask directions. In the other hand against all philosophy of sharing and reusing the best code, true is that FUDCon LATAM sites never reuse what was done before. The most important thing is that the results of the […]

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